Fruit In Action

Photo Credit:  Eat Play Grow blog;
Photo Credit: Eat Play Grow blog;

“This week she broke something that was very special to her. Instead of crying about it, she handled it very well. I was very proud of her.”

“Yesterday we were at the park. Then, it started to rain. We had to run to the car. We were soaking wet. It was so much fun!”

“When I hold my baby sister I have to be careful since she is smaller than me.”

These are the words of children and parents at our church, which were shared during our 6-week study of the fruit of the Spirit. Weekly challenges prompted the application of what we learned about the attributes that we should be developing as Christians. Each week, the children returned to the 3rd floor excited to share how they practiced the fruit in their home, school, community and church. Every experience shared was a great example of “fruit in action” in the children’s lives!

If you were given the task to find the fruit of the Spirit in action in your home, school, work, or neighborhood, how would you do? Where do you look for examples of patience? What does faithfulness look like on a busy street corner? How does a Christian show love to a stranger?

Photo Credit: Volunteer Weekly; Source: Volunteer Weekly;

We’re going to find out next week at our Wednesday Family Fun Night on July 30th! Meet us at Montgomery Park at 6:30PM to get all the rules and details about our Fruit of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt. A little hint- it involves teamwork, a camera (your phone will do the job), a keen focus on finding “fruit in action” and our neighbors here in Old Town. Fun is guaranteed for the entire family as we experience the Spirit at work in our community. Also, you may learn something new about yourself in the process.

RSVP for the activity by contacting the church office (

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